Rip Jeans for Men

It’s been a long time coming, but finally ripped jeans are back! In the ’90s, this style was all the rage. But as trends come and go, it eventually fades away. However, now they’re making a comeback for good reason – because these ripped jeans are perfect for men of every shape and size!

How to Rip Jeans for Guys

1. Start with a pair of jeans that you don’t mind tearing. It’s important to use a pair that you don’t mind ruining, because once you start ripping them, they won’t be in perfect condition anymore.

2. Find a seam in the jeans that you want to rip. The easiest place to start is usually at a seam, because the fabric is already divided into two sections. You can also try ripping at the bottom of the jeans, near the ankles.

3. Use your hands or a sharp object to rip the fabric apart. Be careful not to cut yourself! If you’re having trouble ripping the fabric by hand, try using a sharp object like a knife or a pair of scissors.

4. Once the jeans are ripped, take them to your tailor and have her hem them to how long you want them. Rip jeans for men usually look best when they’re worn with rough edges, so make sure to tell your tailor how much she should taper the ends.

5. Wear the jeans how you want. The end result should look similar to how your favorite celebrity wears his ripped jeans!

Ripped Jeans for Men Styles

There are tons of different styles of ripped jeans for men, so it’s important to consider which one is right for you before shopping around. Some of the most popular styles are below!

  • Straight-leg Ripped Jeans

These ripped jeans for men are most similar to how they used to look in the ’90s – straight legs and a tapered fit. These are most suitable for guys who want a more traditional ripped jean.

  • Slim Fit Ripped Jeans

This style of ripped jeans is great if you’re looking for a modern look. They’re narrower near the ankles, which creates a slimming effect for your legs. If you have bigger legs, then ripped jeans that taper to your ankle will help visually balance them out.

  • Skinny Ripped Jeans

If you enjoy wearing skinnies but want something more interesting, then these are the perfect ripped jeans for you. They work great if you want to enhance your curves and your legs look great – especially if they’re toned.

  • Loose Fit Ripped Jeans

These loose fit ripped jeans are a nice middle ground between how regular jeans feel and how skinnies do. They’ll still be form-fitting around your legs, but are looser throughout the rest of the pants.

  • Distressed Ripped Jeans

This distressed ripped jeans look is perfect for guys who want to show off how hard they work. The more distressing there is on the pants, the tougher they’ll look! This ripped jean style will also make your legs appear thicker.

  • Color Ripped Jeans

These ripped jeans for men are great if you want to make a statement with how you dress. Colored ripped jeans are perfect when paired with simple tops that let the color stand out instead of getting lost in an outfit.

Ripped Jeans for Men Brands

Some brands that make great men’s ripped jeans are Gap, Levi’s, Rainbow, and Forever 21. If you want a more high-end brand to invest in, Nordstrom has tons of options at various price points!


Ripped jeans are a style staple that’s been around since the ’90s. And now, they’re back in full force! These ripped jeans for men offer variety when it comes to how you want them styled – from skinnies with just a little bit of distressing to loose-fit straight legs and beyond. The best part? They work for guys of all ages!

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